Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My 16-Month-Old is a Genius

Complete with baby sign language for all the colors except for yellow. For some reason she hasn't mastered that one. Plus the sign for "smart"! I am sure glad she inherited her Daddy's intelligence.

NOTE: Please ignore sugary, baby talk.

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Jenn said...

Jakers said, "Das Kwayer!" :) I think someone misses his girlfriend!

momimi said...

Talk about Baby Einstein!!! Are you thinking of skipping straight to 8th grade by the time she's six?

Anonymous said...

I think someone is forgetting that mom is also one smart cookie!! I want to enroll my child in the Evans school of sign language/ color recognition... opening any time soon?
I think I will need a spot in January sometime!!
Moving to this side of town would turn into a fruitful move... you would be close to me and would be making money off me also!! Win, win situation!! Let me know when you are ready to house hunt!!

Smart Baby Sign Language said...

She's great! I love signing with my daughter, too. It constantly amazes me how much babies know, but just aren't able to communicate without sign language.

Do you use Baby Signing Time videos? I'm going to be giving a $99 gift set away at my blog. http://smartbabysignlanguage.blogspot.com.

Please enter!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. :)