Friday, December 10, 2010

Still Amidst The Boxes

Well hello little blog! Long time no see!

So I haven't gone dark, I promise. I am just buried beneath boxes upon boxes. It has taken me way longer to organize this house than I had hoped it would. I am sure it has something to do with the fact that my children don't have  a preschool to attend and one of the two no longer naps. I will say that I am about half way finished. I find myself spending a lot of time in the completed rooms. Those are the rooms where I can relax and take a deep breath. A stress free zone if you will. Then I walk into an uncompleted room and my blood pressure starts to rise. Crazy boxes scattered here and there, most of which are already opened because we had to go spelunking for some item we couldn't find. As a result half of each box's contents are lying on the floor or some other flat surface in the room and packing paper is cascading down to cover it all. My cats are in heaven, but it is starting to make my right eye twitch.

But can I tell you how awesome my mornings are? I sit in my breakfast nook with a cup of hot tea and my breakfast and look out on the most beautiful sight. My back yard is a wooded wonderland, covered in snow and often hosting a family of grazing moose. It is gorgeous and peaceful. I get very Zen-like. It is lovely.

I am working feverishly to find/uncover my plug-in that allows me to upload pictures from my camera to my computer so I can finally bring you a picture update. It is quite amazing where the movers can choose to pack things. For example, I have found dining room stuff in boxes labeled "master closet" and books intended for our office in boxes labeled "kitchen". I've found I can't trust the labels on the boxes. It's like the movers gave up trying about half way through the packing process.

I will share one picture with you that was taken with my phone. I was unpacking a box in my room and found this:

That, my friends, is trash left from the lunch we ate on moving day. It was lovingly wrapped in packing paper and tucked neatly in a box with my other master bedroom belongings. Now come on! I realize that the movers don't have time to play "what goes and what stays". And I concede that it makes sense to just do a blanket "pack everything just to be safe" but seriously? I think this was a time for a judgement call. Who really wants to keep their trash? Maybe they thought I was one of those hoarders on TLC.

And what a cruel tease for me. We don't have a Chick-fil-A anywhere near us. We've moved to a land of no real restaurants. I've been craving Chick-fil-A for many-a-week and to unpack this little gem was not unlike the feeling I would get when I'd have a major hankering for a Chick-fil-A sandwich only to realize it was Sunday.

Okay enough on that. I'd better go get to the boxes. I promise to blog more regularly once the house is unpacked. This house had better be in order before we leave for Christmas travels. I can't bear the thought of coming back home to this disaster zone!!