Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Got Grilled

So I was preparing to grill turkey burgers last night when we had a little grill mishap. I grabbed the wire brush thingy so I could clean off the cooking surface prior to starting. I barely swiped the brush over the grill when the entire top of the grill fell off of the pedestal and crashed down to the ground. SURPRISE!

Good thing I hadn't started up the gas yet. YIKES! Could've been bad. Check out the pics below. I searched and searched for a "before" pic, but who takes pictures of their grill? Not me. So the only shot I could find was actually one of Claire but the grill is in the background. (Any excuse to show a Claire pic, right?)

Stinko!! We use that grill ALL THE TIME!!! All the meals I have planned for this week involve the grill in some way. Guess I am using the George Foreman for the time being.

Time to go grill shopping!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Hear Mama Doo Doo??"

Now if that title doesn't get your attention, nothing will. I'll explain. A-hem . . .

We have several songs saved on my i-pod that Claire truly enjoys. One of them is the Mah Nah Mah Nah song from the Muppets. You have to hear it to understand why her name for the song is "Mama Doo Doo".

We have had many-a-laugh each time we are in the car and she says, "Hear Mama Doo Doo??" We, of course know exactly what she is talking about.

Now imagine me today at the grocery store check out line. I am just about to pay when Claire makes her request rather loudly.

Claire: "Hear Mama Doo Doo?"

Clerk shoots me a weird look.

Me: (speaking loudly enough to be heard by all) "I know you like that SONG honey. We'll play it when we get in the car, okay?"

Claire: (much more loudly) "NO! Mama Doo Doo! Mama Doo Doo! Mama Doo Doo, NOOOOOOOWWWWW!"

Clerk now stifling a giggle as my face beams bright red.

Me: (to the clerk) I promise it's a song.

Now I am not sure what is more disturbing to the clerk, the idea that Claire might not actually be talking about a song, or the fact that I might actually have made up a song about Mommy going potty. Neither are true, but in a grocery store line, who has time for lengthy explanations?

I think I'll carry my i-pod in with me next time so I'll have the proof on hand.