Sunday, September 12, 2010

My How Time Flies

I just took a random picture of my girls today and while it isn't the best of quality, it reminded me of similar poses I've taken in the past and just had to share. Won't you join me in a trip down memory lane?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Business . . . . Oh the Business!

Busy. We are busy. I am really not trying to ignore my little blog, but we are busy. There are so many things to do in such a little time before we head to Alaska. And it all has to be done NOW.

We had several trips planned for this fall. When we got the news of our move, we thought briefly about cancelling all those trips because we simply didn't have the time to take them. However, the plane tickets were already purchased so backing out would have been quite expensive. Besides that, we REALLY wanted to go see our family members on these trips!! So we've made all the necessary shifts to do all that travelling this month so that we can still be on a plane to Alaska by October 2nd. What does that mean for us? Well, that means that we have spent the past week organizing and cleaning our house and purging TONS of stuff we didn't even remember we had. All so that the house can be ready to sell ASAP. We are now on the first of several trips. With all the comings and goings that are now scheduled, I figured out that between now and our official departure for the north, I have 10 days to spend in my house. And most of those days are not consecutive. Nope, they are scattered here and there amidst this month of manic craziness! And two of those days will be spent on a blow up mattress because the movers will have cleared our house out completely!

In the next few weeks I will get really good at packing, traveling, unpacking, doing laundry, repacking, traveling, unpacking, doing laundry, re-repacking, etc, etc, etc. My head is truly spinning at the thought of it all. But it will get done and we will head to Alaska on October 2nd. I am willing to bet that on October 3rd, I'll find myself sitting in our temporary housing in an unfamiliar city thinking, "Woah, what just happened to me?" Because goodness knows I don't have time to contemplate all that right now!

I plan to get really good at posting on my blog once we are in Alaska. I am sure there will be many-a-moose romping through our back yard and I will definitely have my camera ready to share the fun with you. But until then, my blogging may be a bit sporadic. I am not sure if I've mentioned it yet or not, but . . . . . we're busy.