Friday, April 24, 2009


Our sweet and precious Claire,

What a special year you've blessed us with!

From silent signs. . .

. . .to speaking your mind.

From timid first steps . . .

. . . to a reckless run.

From wispy strands of hair barely there . . .

. . . to . . . well, we've still got time on this one!

You've learned so much this year, but have taught us still more. Thank you for sloppy kisses and big bear hugs. God blessed us beyond our wildest dreams when He brought you into our lives! Happy birthday baby girl! We love you!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

3 Months Today!

I have not been good at all about taking monthly shots of Sarah. I decided I'd better start it up soon or else she was going to develop a complex later in life.

She is three months old today. She is really getting strong. Of course she should be strong, she is over 15 pounds!! She (er . . . I) made it through her 3 month growth spurt and she is back to 12 hour nights of sleep.

I am TRULY blessed with good sleepers!!

Here are her 3 month pics. I also included one with Max the Dog. He's another Dr. Seuss character (from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas). I chose not to do the Cat in the Hat again because I wanted to be sure I could tell who was who once the girls were older.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!

You gotta have a new dress on Resurrection Sunday!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reason Your Way Through This

Claire: "Mommy? Fruit bar, please!"

Mommy: "Are you hungry, baby?"

Claire: "Yes! Hungry!"

Mommy: "We'll then, let's just have lunch."

Claire: "Okay, Mommy! Lunch!!"

Mommy: "Do you want chicken nuggets?"

Claire: "No chicken! Claire wants lunch!"

Mommy: "I know, baby. Do you want chicken for lunch?"

Claire: "No, Mommy. No chicken!! Claire wants LUNCH!!"

Mommy: "Honey, lunch is food. We'll eat lunch. And today, lunch can be chicken."

Claire: (Tears filling the eyes now) "NO CHICKEN, MOMMY! LUUUUUUNCH!"

Mommy: Sigh. "How about a hot dog?"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Wow, has it really been since the end of March since I last posted? Good grief! That shows how much time I have to myself as of late. It's 7:30 in the morning and both girls are snoozing still so we'll see how much I can manage to compose here before they wake up.

Okay, so we got in a wreck last week. We were sitting at a red light when some guy rear-ended us. (Everyone is okay. Micheal and I ended up with some minor whiplash and the girls were just fine.) So I got out to inspect the damage and immediately got a bad vibe from the other driver. He was acting very nervous and tried to reassure me multiple times that it was only a scratch on my bumper. So I took a look to find that there was indeed a scratch, two puncture marks, oh and my bumper was dislocated from the body of the van on either side. Still nothing too major, but in need of repair nonetheless.

This guy was not too happy to have to trade insurance information and I was getting ready to call the police when a Very Friendly Witness approached me (phone in ear) to tell me that he already had the police on the phone. Apparently? The VFW (very friendly witness) had been following the guy because he had been swerving in and out of traffic, drove up onto a curb and almost hit an SUV before ending his joy ride at our back door. According to the VFW, Speedy McCrashy cut someone off just to get into the lane behind us and then didn't even put on his brakes before slamming into our bumper. So THAT'S why my neck hurt. I see.

So long story short, Speedy McCrashy attempted to "take off" while the officer was in his patrol car running license plates through the system. VFW jumped out in the street to stop him from his attempted escape. Upon closer investigation, Mr. McCrashy was high on some drug and had his surplus stashed on his person. So he got a fun ride to jail.

Now the rant part?? Apparently the great state where I live has a law that says you can't file a claim on someones insurance until their insurance agency talks to their client. That makes sense. I sure wouldn't want someone filing a claim against my policy without at least verifying the accident with me first. So until they speak with Mr. McCrashy, I can't get my van fixed. The kicker is that Speedy won't answer the calls from his insurance agent. TOTAL AVOIDANCE! They plan to send him a letter (oh, yeah that should do the trick) and will continue to attempt to contact him via the phone.

He basically has 30 days from the accident to contact his insurance company. After that, they drop him from insurance and I am on my own. Meaning I would have to pay my $1,000 deductible to get my car fixed AND my insurance rates would go up. Even though it wasn't my fault!! How is that fair??

The teacher in me wants to go call his parents and complain. I know it's only been a week, but his track record doesn't have me feeling too confident in his willingness/ability to "do the right thing". So we'll see. Grrrr.

Rant complete. I will keep you posted, my faithful blog readers, as new events unfold.

On a much happier note, it's my Dad's birthday today!! Happy birthday, Dad! Wish we were there with you to celebrate! Love you!!