Monday, September 15, 2008


Greetings from DFW! We fled the fun that was Hurricane Ike. Fortunately, Michael has family within a reasonable drive so we are camping out at his mom's house until we can head back home. From the reports I have heard so far, we have minimal damage to our house which is great. However we are still staying away because we are facing day 4 with no electricity at our house. Apparently most of the neighborhoods in our city have been restored with the exception of a few small pockets here and there. We must be in the "here and there" because we are in fact powerless.

No big deal to us since we are sitting comfortably in an air conditioned house 5 hours away, but I do feel sorry for my neighbor. We have kept in touch with her and she said it is pretty miserable. I would imagine so. The heat would be tough enough to bear, but then trying to entertain a 16-month-old on top of that? No thank you.

Fortunately (if you can call it that) Michael's office is shut down until at least the end of this week so he is not missing out on work. We are just trying to look at this as a little extra vacation time.

We did lose our cat in the process, but he has since been recovered. He scampered out of my mother-in-law's back yard fence and was MIA for about 24 hours. But he eventually got tired of the "independent life" and made his way back around 4 AM.

No more outdoor wandering for him, I can assure you that!

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Kim said...

We'd love to see you guys while you're in town....Glad to hear you only had minimal damage, too.