Monday, February 22, 2010


**UPDATE--see bottom of post**

I've always considered our family to be very fortunate in the health department. We (all of us) are hardly ever sick. EVER. But apparently the payment for years of living it up in the illness-free zone is a random year of sickness for most everyone. At least it seems that way because so far this year has been for the birds (health-wise). It all started in December when Michael came down with the flu. Fortunately, he had some Tamiflu on the ready and was well in a few days. Then all was well and quiet for several weeks until Claire came down with Swine Flu. It really was a mild virus and she handled it like a champ once we learned to mix her Tamiflu with something tasty.

But then the secondary infections set in. She has now been struggling with a gross, phlegmy cough for going on 3 weeks. She is on two inhalers and just finished off her second antibiotic. I think she is finally on the mend.

Finally out of the woods right? Right! Or so I thought until I woke Thursday morning with a HORRIFIC stomach ache. I could tell it wasn't going to be a good day. It was the type of stomach ache that tells you not to move a single inch unless you plan to bolt to the toilet. This is not something I am used to. I hardly ever throw up. Prior to this lovely virus, the last time I threw up was just before Michael and I were engaged 8 years ago. The time before that? I was about 10 years old. I never even threw up with either of my pregnancies. So, seriously, I am not used to this. But boy did I make up for lost time on Thursday. I was making a dash for the bathroom about every 10 to 15 minutes. Eventually I got to the point where, as my brother so expertly described, I would dash to the bathroom and have to debate which end of my person got to visit the toilet first. NOT. FUN.

I finally made it to the doctor's office and they gave me a shot of phenergan to stop all the vomiting. After about 2 more episodes, the medicine finally kicked in and I collapsed onto the couch where I've been stationed ever since. This virus has kicked my butt. I've lost 7 pounds during all this fiasco. Not my preferred method of weight loss for sure. I am still having trouble eating much of anything that isn't dry toast or chicken broth. But each day is getting better and so far? No one else has caught this thing. Thank you, Lord!

That said, Sarah does have something. Her symptoms are very similar to what Claire experienced when she had Swine Flu. So Michael is taking off work early today so he can take her to the doctor. I am way too weak to drive anyone anywhere. We'll know soon enough what her issue is. I am just guessing that she was feeling left out and wanted in on some of the action.

I am now taking bets on who is next in our family. Any takers?

Oh and? Can anybody tell me why cats decide the best time to curl up on your stomach is when you are suffering a severe stomach virus? UGH. I love my cats, but they are both circling me like vultures around roadkill. Maybe they always want to sit in my lap but can't because I am always chasing children around our house. Now that I am sedentary they are itching to get some cuddle time. It's sweet, but 8 pounds of warm weight on my stomach is enough to send me back into a relapse.

Okay, I've expended enough energy for this hour. Back to my couch.

Sarah is back from the doctor and it was indeed Swine Flu. Yay! (snark, snark, snark)

Friday, February 12, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting. I have had two sick children off and on for the past couple of weeks. Claire had Swine Flu, which turned out to be probably the mildest virus I've EVER seen. And I am not sure what was wrong with Sarah. Just a random fever and lots of crankiness. Teeth maybe? Whatever it is has been waking them both up at random intervals during the wee hours. I think I am getting up and dealing with children an average of 6 times each night. Not something I am used to.

Anyway, between the two of them trading off high-maintenance behaviors, I've been too busy to sit down and blog.

Currently, I am reading and re-reading the instructions on two inhalers the doctor prescribed for Claire. These inhalers are supposed to get rid of her cough that has been our lovely souvenir from yea old flu. Reading about the side effects of one of the medications makes me prefer the cough. Seriously. One of them says "sudden death" occurred in pre-clinical trials. Yeah, we're not giving that one to Claire.

The other one? Seems pretty mild, but interestingly enough the side effects include: cold, upper respiratory infection and/or bronchitis. Nice.

Okay, I am off to bed to try to catch a little shut eye before one of my beautiful girls wakes me.