Monday, May 28, 2007

Compliment or Insult?

We have finally started venturing out to take Claire to see some of our friends in public settings. The doctor told us to wait 8 weeks, but we are at 5 weeks and STIR CRAZY. So we are cautiously stepping out little by little.

It is always fun to hear all the oohs and ahhs about your baby. In fact, all the comments people have been making about Claire have led me to make the following list. I present to you:


#1 Wow! What a perfectly round head!

#2 I think I see a double chin!

#3 I love how alert she is!

#4 I heard a toot (or burp)! Good job!

#5 Look how chunky her legs are!

Can you add to the list?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My List

Okay, upon prompting from Pigs post, I am now making my list of my top favorite items. However, this is my top 5 favorite baby related items. Since all I do as of late is deal with baby related paraphernalia. These items are in no particular order, but are all must haves if you are dealing with a baby:

1) I absolutely love my Diaper Champ. I had originally registered for a Diaper Genie as a diaper pail, but upon the advice from a friend, I changed over to the Diaper Champ. Not only does it keep out the smell from Claire's masterpieces, but I can use regular trash bags. No need to buy expensive refills as with the Genie.

2) I can not say enough about JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME BATH®. This is magic soap people. When Claire has had a bath with this soap, followed up by the lotion, she not only goes to sleep much easier, but she sleeps SO much longer! I want stock in this stuff.

3) Claire struggles a bit with diaper rash. I have tried several ointments, but the only one that seems to work is Burt's Bees Baby Bee. Use it for a day or two and that rash is gone baby!

4) My child loves to nurse. She HATES to take a bottle. While I usually don't need to give her a bottle, it is nice to have that option should I want the husband to feed her while I go run errands on a weekend. I was told about Playtex Ventaire and tried it out of desperation. Claire took to it like a pro. That is now the only thing that will replace me!

5) I was introduced to The Ultimate Crib Sheet by a fellow new mom at my church. This sheet is amazing!! It sits on top of the fancy sheet and snaps around the slats on the crib. When the baby has a blowout or a major spit-up spell, there is no need to completely disassemble the bed to change the sheet. This sheet unsnaps and can be changed without having to remove the crib bumper or anything!! It is so cottony soft and has a water proof back. Since it sits on top of the pretty sheet, my crib still looks all nice and fashionable from the sides. I bought two so that I can have one on the bed and one in the wash. A must have!!

Now I just need to get these companies to supply me with freebies for the extra advertising they just received!!

Feel free to tell me what your favorite items are (baby related or not) in the comments section. Maybe I can get some good ideas of non-baby related items to try for myself!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Day She'll Never Forget

The weather was great and we wanted to get out in it, so we took Claire to the zoo. The trip was obviously more for us than for her. She slept the entire time, so of course she will never forget that day because you can't forget something you didn't really experience in the first place!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Aims and Target: A Love/Hate Relationship

I love Target. Where else can you shop with the convienence of Wal-Mart yet keep a quality standard closer to that of a JC Penny?

I hate Target. They have some of the most ridiculous policies when it comes to returing items and have made my post-baby shower life an absolute nightmare.

I can only liken my feelings for Target to those one might have for a family member who you love dearly inspite of their bone-head decisions. You will always be loyal to them, yet they frustrate you so much you want to scream. Thus are my feelings for Target.

The problem is in Target's return/exchange policy. If you wish to return an item and have a reciept (gift or regular) no problem. They happily issue you a credit or cash with a wink and a smile. But heaven forbid you recieved an item as a gift and didn't get a recipet with it.

Target's return policy for "no-reciept" returns is as follows:

*You can use your driver's license as a way to exchange your items.
*You may only use the driver's license route twice in a year. After your two turns, you are out of luck and must wait until next year.
*When you choose to use one of your "turns" with the license, the total exchange can not exceed $40.

Now, after numerous baby showers, I had lots of duplicate gifts that needed exchanging. I took this loot up to Target only to find out that I had apparently already used up my two turns with the license for this year. (when did that happen???) Fortunately, my mom was with me and graciously used her license to make the exchange. The problem? I had enough stuff that I well exceeded their $40 limit. So we split the loot into two piles and my mom used up her only two turns for the year. Problem solved right?


I still had items left to exchange after the second pile reached the $40 mark. I asked the lady what we are supposed to do with those items. She politely told me that I had to keep them and there was nothing she could do. Even though all I wanted to do is to get the EXACT same item in a larger size. Didn't matter. I was to keep said items and let them collect dust at my house. What a waste of money!

Now I find myself tempted to roam the aisles of Target asking complete strangers if I can use their IDs so that I can make a simple exchange.

Many people asked me why I didn't register for baby gifts at Target. This is why people. This is why. Sigh.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Someone's Got to Use It

No amount of singing, dancing, tickling or bathing will deter our daughter from her favorite pastime:
So, until she decides to spend more than 2 consecutive minutes in awake mode, our cat has adopted what he thinks is a very expensive new nap mat.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Coda.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Gearing Up For Heart-Strings Manipulation

I enjoy watching Claire's little expressions. While I know they are mostly involuntary, sometimes I wonder if she is practicing for ways to get out of future mischief.

For example, we have her boy-that-looks-interesting-I-think-I'll-go-get-into-that-and-see-what-happens face.

Followed up by her, I'm-soooo-sorrrrry-Mommy-I-promise-I'll-never-do-it-again face.

Are we in for trouble or what?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Post from Coda

Dear Blog Community,
I don't get it. First, my parents leave me for several days which they know I hate. Then they bring home a blanket that screams and sounds like a cat in distress. I can't handle that. I was sure they knew how distraught I was because the neighbor delivered a large floral arrangement to our house and sat it on the entry table. Since they know how much I LOVE to eat flowers and this is the first time an arrangement was set in my reach, it had to be meant for me.

I must admit, I was a little messy as I snacked. I got quite a bit of pollen on my white fur and looked more jaundiced than that weird squirmy thing mom and dad brought home, but it comforted me nonetheless.
Would you believe that mom took the arrangement away and put it up on the mantle where I couldn't reach it? The nerve. She said something to me about "arrangements" not being meant for eating. REALLY? Well then explain this package that arrived the next day:Yeah, mom and dad had a good time snacking on that thing. I just don't get it. Stinkin' double standard. Well, at least they let me munch on the kale that was left after they hogged out on the fruit. I sure hope things get better around here. I am not sure how much more I can take!