Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just a Quick Ramble for Ya

Wow, if I am not careful it will be an entire month since I've last posted. Good grief!! And it's not for a lack of things to post. Quite a bit has happened around here lately. But that is probably the main reason I haven't had time to post.

Claire and I traveled out of state to attend my cousin's wedding recently. It was a beautiful wedding and such fun to visit all my family again. The only hard part of the trip was traveling with a toddler who doesn't understand the point of sitting still in my lap on the airplane for over an hour. Combine that with an ever expanding pregnant belly and you've got yourself a recipe for a really hard travel time.

Her schedule has been a mess since we've been home. It's largely due in part to several missed naps and late nights during our trip. She usually bounces back so quickly that I didn't give the schedule upheaval a second thought. Boy was I wrong. I think we are finally getting back on track though which is a huge blessing!

Michael's family came in to visit the weekend after Claire and returned home. It was great to see them. The majority of us headed to College Station to watch an A&M game. It was the first game for our nephew---let the brainwashing begin!

Claire is starting to mimic words now which is so fun! She has been signing words with her hands for several months now, but to finally hear those words come out of her mouth is a blast. Especially now that she has mastered "Ma Ma" and "Da Da". She has also mastered "Yeah" and "No". She isn't using either of them with too much attitude yet, so they are still cute to hear.

She is finally giving hugs and kisses to us as well. She has been offering them up freely to her stuffed animals and picture books for over a month now. But anytime we'd ask her to kiss us, she'd just shake her head and say, "No!" Glad she has now included us in the list of those worthy of a smooch.

Well, I'd better end this ramble of a post. I did have a fairly interesting sonogram yesterday. More on that in a couple of days.


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momimi said...

I rather enjoy hearing her say "MIMI" too...!