Tuesday, March 11, 2008


"I don't know"---Three words that have always irritated me a bit.

Mrs. Aims: "Why didn't you ask me for a replacement worksheet when you realized that you had lost it 4 days ago?"

Spacey 4th Grader: "I don't know."

Yeah, kids over use it quite a bit. Even parents use it sometimes.

Mrs. Aims: "What things have you tried at home to keep Junior's behavior in check?"

Clueless Parent: "I don't know."

But I think I heard the definitive one the other day. It came from my child's pediatrician when I took her in to see why she had been running a temperature of over 104 for 3 days straight. After doing all the routine tests and everything checked out normal, we were left with, "I don't know."

Please know that our pediatrician is WONDERFUL. This is not a slam on him in any way. You go in expecting to hear that her throat is a mess, or her ears are badly infected. Perhaps the flu? All of which are not pleasant, but you at least have some course of action from there. But what do you do with, "I don't know"?

So we moved to the next level of tests. Urine and blood samples. Now for an adult, a urine sample is no biggie. Granted, it's not fun to try to balance while peeing in a small cup, but it's certainly not traumatizing. But for a 10 month old? Taking a urine sample means Mommy and Daddy holding a screaming child down on the table while they insert a catheter. Shudder.

Then? To take the blood I was expecting the simple (but not fun) poke of the heel that she had to have in her early months. But no. We got to experience the full fledged rubber-band-around-the-arm, needle-jabbed-into-elbow-pit, drain-several-viles-of-blood event. Again . . . shudder.

We are still waiting on final results, but the preliminary ones suggest a urinary tract infection. But we still "don't know" for sure and won't for several more days. So until then, she is on antibiotics to clear up what might be a UTI. Good news is that they seem to be working because we had our first temperature free day today--which is why I had time to blog!

And those antibiotics by the way? Yeah, they cost $130. Liquid gold I am pouring down my baby's throat 4 CCs at a time.


Pigs said...

Good grief! That better be the most awesome medicine ever! I never thought of how to get a urine sample from a baby. Poor kid!! (and poor mom!)

momimi said...

Ever wonder why they call medicine a science? Most times it feels like doctors are just making their best guess. I'm thinking the good ones are the ones who will actually admit, "I don't know."