Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've Been Promoted

I received some mail today and according to the address label, I've been promoted.

"McNeil Elementary" is where I worked over 3 years ago, before we moved to another city 300 miles south of said school.

It wouldn't be weird to me if it had been addressed to "4th Grade Teacher" considering that is the title I held for 3 years at the school. It would be obvious to me that some company just needed to update their records. But where in the world did they get the title "Director of Finance"?

I know you can't tell because of the lovely black bars, but it was sent to my CURRENT address. Not forwarded from my old address.

I'd heard that the leadership in the school was lacking, but to promote a former employee to Director of Finance? Who knew I had such an impact?

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Pigs said...

HAAAAAAA! I'm telling the Captain!