Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Post from Coda

Dear Blog Community,
I don't get it. First, my parents leave me for several days which they know I hate. Then they bring home a blanket that screams and sounds like a cat in distress. I can't handle that. I was sure they knew how distraught I was because the neighbor delivered a large floral arrangement to our house and sat it on the entry table. Since they know how much I LOVE to eat flowers and this is the first time an arrangement was set in my reach, it had to be meant for me.

I must admit, I was a little messy as I snacked. I got quite a bit of pollen on my white fur and looked more jaundiced than that weird squirmy thing mom and dad brought home, but it comforted me nonetheless.
Would you believe that mom took the arrangement away and put it up on the mantle where I couldn't reach it? The nerve. She said something to me about "arrangements" not being meant for eating. REALLY? Well then explain this package that arrived the next day:Yeah, mom and dad had a good time snacking on that thing. I just don't get it. Stinkin' double standard. Well, at least they let me munch on the kale that was left after they hogged out on the fruit. I sure hope things get better around here. I am not sure how much more I can take!


Anonymous said...

The arrangements are nice and Coda is cute and all but where's Claire?

Anonymous said...

poor kitty! oh well, at least she will have some really cool white squishy balls to play with from the diaper pail. she'll love that!


Kim said...

So funny! Aw, our poor pets as they adjust to the children....

Pigs said...

Dear Coda,
I feel ya. There's something I have to tell you too: that squirmy thing? It never goes home! We still have ours SEVEN months later! I swear. And soon its little limbs start flailing around and your mom will let it "pet" you. That ain't petting! It's called pulling and I should get more than a flower arrangement for putting up with it. That's how come I ate mom's sushi the other day. And those two sticks of butter. I deserved it. Good luck, man.
Gus the Beagle