Friday, March 12, 2010

Funny Faces Brought to You By Pa

My Dad came for a visit last weekend. I always love watching my children with any of the grandparents and this weekend was no exception. They had a blast with their, "Pa".

On a particularly long drive to the rodeo, Sarah and Pa were playing together in the back of the van. She really got a kick out of it when he would blow gently in her face. She would alternate giggles and funny faces in her attempts to blow back at him. Here's the proof:

At the rodeo, Claire enjoyed her first pony ride:

Rolled down an indoor hill:

And fed some very persistent animals:

After all the fun, we headed home. Everyone was exhausted so we plugged in a movie and this is how the girls and their Pa spent the last two hours of the evening:

Boy are we thankful for all the options available to us for travel. It shortens the miles between our family members and allows our girls to know all their grandparents so well. What a blessing!


momimi said...

What GREAT pictures! Sarah is becoming quite the charmer...I'll be devastated if she only has eyes for the men in her life! Claire looks so grown up in her capris and sandals...sigh!

Tammy said...

AWESOME pics ... LOVE the faces! Just priceless! And awww... I miss the rodeo! So fun!

Pigs said...

Pssssst! Blog more! ;)