Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Glimpse Into The Future

From time to time I'll see a picture of Claire or Sarah and think, wow they look so much older! It makes me excited for the future while sad at the same time. I know I only have them at this age for a short moment in time.

Yes, this is a hectic time of runny noses, whiny cries and repeated discipline and instruction. But it is also the time of funny comments, sloppy kisses and cuddles on the couch. I treasure these days because I know I'll mourn for them when my babies are grown up and too busy to stop and cuddle.

Why all of this retrospect? I ran across one of those pictures of Claire. I am sure to most, she just looks like herself, but to me? She looks SO GROWN UP!It's a glimpse into the future that is definitely bitter-sweet. Thank you, Lord for these precious girls and for this time You've allowed me to have with them at home. May I not waste a moment of it!


Misty said...

she does look like such a big girl!!

Shelia said...

Wow, she looks like she's 13 -- except no braces! Hope all is well and loved your Christmas card!


Noelle said...

Beautiful! She looks just like her mommy.

momimi said...

Amen to a beautifully worded prayer!