Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am totally obsessed with calorie counting lately. It is the only way I have EVER managed to make good choices about what I am putting in my body. The moment I start calorie counting, I am almost the perfect eater. (notice I put "almost"?)

I am convinced that I would never again eat fast food if they changed their menus so that you couldn't order items by name, but rather were forced to order by their calorie content.

"Yes, I'd like the 750 calorie with a side of 375 calories. Oh, and could you go ahead and add an extra 250 calories just for kicks (aka: super size it)?"

Most of the time, I live in calorie ignorance. Which is not good. But at the moment? I am back to counting and calculating all of those nasty little things.

So this morning, I go to get a granola bar. Of course, I flip the box to the side to check out all the particulars. These granola bars come two to a pack. Now you can eat both bars as your serving which is nice. But notice what happens when you eat both bars at one sitting compared to just eating one bar:

You get an extra 10 calories for your efforts! Seriously? What is that about? They must be expecting you to eat the wrapper with the bars. I mean obviously if you only ate one bar, you'd need to reserve the wrapper so you could contain the remaining bar until you chose to eat it at a later time. That must be it. It's a 10-calorie wrapper. Who knew?


momimi said...

It's a calorie-stacker wrapper. Wonder if it's the same for snack crackers....calorie-stacker cracker wrappers...hmmm

Noelle said...

I am not as obsessed with calorie counting as I am with just making better choices. Do you remember the stuff we used to eat as college roommates??? You never seemed to gain a pound...I gained your share and mine. :-)

The White Family said...

That 10 calories comes from the crumbs that fall to the bottom of the wrapper. Technically, it should say 1st bar, 90 calories, 2nd bar, 100 calories, because whoever eats the 2nd one will get those extra 10 calories!!

Falene and Kady said...

I've started using the "my plate" feature on
It's great! Helps you keep track of fat, sugar, cholesterol, etc.. check it out.