Monday, November 16, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

So several posts back I told you all about Sarah's serious nature. Remember? How she makes you work for EVERY smile or grin? Yeah, well what I neglected to mention was that this goes for anyone BUT her Daddy. He is the sole exception. He merely has to walk in the door and Sarah is falling apart with smiles and giggles. All this while I am dancing around, blowing raspberries and crossing my eyes to get a small smirk. Here is the proof:

After all this hilarity, I was sure I could get a cute smiley pic too. I go up to Sarah, call her name and make a funny face. To which she does this:


Truth? She has gotten a lot more smiley in these past few months. I now get plenty of smiles and giggles to warm my heart throughout the day. I guess she is loosening up in her old age. But there is still nothing that compares to her reaction to seeing Daddy.

It does my heart good to see what a wonderful relationship is developing between my girls and their Daddy. He is so amazing with both of them. It makes me so proud! They are lucky girls indeed.

And I think I am pretty lucky too!


skier918 said...

Oh, that build up and then that last picture made me LAUGH!!

fleur said...

That is really sweet. I have a feeling the same might happen with Jeff and his baby girl. He is soooo good with kids and I can't wait to see them together. Here's hoping she'll smile at Mommy too, though! :)

momimi said...

HILARIOUS! That last picture made me laugh out loud. Your Blog is good medicine!

Misty said...

you forget how much she smiles for Miss Misty ;)