Sunday, November 1, 2009


I think Claire has found her favorite celebration. I mean, a day where you can dress up like a cat and walk around getting free candy from almost anyone you meet? Really? Perfect.

We went to our church's Fall Festival. There were games-a-plenty with candy to boot. Claire was too young for the games, though she tried several. The adults leading the games were kind and offered her candy for her feeble attempts. At one point, she was DETERMINED to complete a particular game and was having trouble with it. She just didn't want to leave the game and the line of waiting kids was backing up. The kind man who was in charge of that game sweetly held out a small candy bar for Claire. She IMMEDIATELY dropped the ball and ran to the man to get the candy. While it accomplished the goal of getting her away from the game, it was a bit scary to realize how Claire will run to any stranger who is waving a candy bar. Made me contemplate the benefits of a kid leash.

So here are a few pics. A fun time was had by all!


momimi said...

How PRECIOUS they both are!!! Their costumes are MUCH cuter than their Mimi's...ha! You did a great job, Mommy!

skier918 said...

Looks like fun! They're adorable.