Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Got Grilled

So I was preparing to grill turkey burgers last night when we had a little grill mishap. I grabbed the wire brush thingy so I could clean off the cooking surface prior to starting. I barely swiped the brush over the grill when the entire top of the grill fell off of the pedestal and crashed down to the ground. SURPRISE!

Good thing I hadn't started up the gas yet. YIKES! Could've been bad. Check out the pics below. I searched and searched for a "before" pic, but who takes pictures of their grill? Not me. So the only shot I could find was actually one of Claire but the grill is in the background. (Any excuse to show a Claire pic, right?)

Stinko!! We use that grill ALL THE TIME!!! All the meals I have planned for this week involve the grill in some way. Guess I am using the George Foreman for the time being.

Time to go grill shopping!


Tammy said...

Oh great. So sorry to see that! What in the world?

momimi said...

WHOA!!! They just don't make stuff like they used to! Either that, or you've got a whale of a right arm with a brush!

alexis said...

Yeah, I blame it on the brush! Got a new grill yet?