Friday, January 9, 2009

"Yes" = "Okay"

So these past couple of days, Claire has shifted her words so that whenever she would normally say "yes", she now says "okay". It is really cute, but we are trying to remind her to say "yes" when appropriate while at the same time checking ourselves to see just how often we say "okay". She's obviously getting it from somewhere.

What is funny to me is when her response makes it sound like we came up with whatever idea she had. For example:

Claire: "Mommy, cereal?"

Mommy: "Yes, baby? Do you want some cereal?"

Claire: "Okay!"

It is equally cute to me when her response makes no sense whatsoever. For example:

Claire: (pointing at her stuffed mouse's nose) "Mouse. Nose. Pink!"

Mommy: "Does the mouse have a pink nose?"

Claire: "Okay!"

I just love the way she is experimenting with her words, but she is also picking them up with such speed that it makes us realize how much caution we need to use with what we say ourselves. Today we were out in the backyard letting Claire run off some steam. While she ran about, Michael and I were playing a very stimulating game of bounce-the-tennis-ball-back-and-forth-to-each-other. (You should really try it some time.) Anyway, whenever I managed to not catch the ball, I would have Claire go retrieve it since my pregnancy girth makes it more difficult for me to bend over and pick up said ball. Well, one of the times she want to pick up the ball, I noticed her diaper sagging which revealed the top half of her bottom. The conversation went like this:

Mommy: "Claire, can you get the ball for Mommy?"

Claire: "Okay!" (actually an appropriate use of the word this time!)

Mommy: (noticing the upper-bum flash) "Thanks, Crackie!"

Claire: "Crackie! Crackie! Crackie! Ha, ha, ha! Crackie!"

Ahhhh . . . . so it begins. I can just imagine all the things she will be echoing to her Sunday school teachers this week!

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Jenn said...

Love the "Crackie" term of endearment - that's a new one! :)

Too cute - Jake likes to say "Okay!" as well. I think we've finally broken him of "yeah" which I can't stand in the least! But I say it more times than I can count, so that one was my fault.

Miss you guys and love catching up with you this way! You need to join the rest of us on Facebook, girl!!! I'd venture to say about half of New Ground is on there!