Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I had yet another weekly check-up at the doctor today. We did a sonogram to check Sarah's size, which is good, but not overly hefty (for which I am grateful!) They did find that my amniotic fluid levels are pretty low right now which is what happened with Claire too. So when the doctor came into the room her question to me was, "Thursday or Friday?"

That caught me a little off guard. I was expecting the choice I would have to make was whether or not to schedule an induction, not which day it must occur. Fortunately the baby is looking good and is not in any danger at the moment. But she said with the levels dropping like they are, there was no need to risk putting the baby in danger when she is already full term. Currently she is measuring 7 pounds, 9 ounces. Who knows if that is correct because these estimates can be off by a pound plus or minus.

Anyway, we chose Friday so that my mom would have time to travel here for the birth. And also so I would have time to do some of the last minute house preparations I have been putting off. I kept waiting for the nesting to kick in to do all that stuff. Apparently? I don't have a nesting instinct. I am completely content sitting around in my own filth. Okay, that is not true at all, but at this stage of pregnancy, I would rather nap while Claire naps than run around the house cleaning everything that bothers me.

I have Michael bringing his laptop to the hospital with us so I can update on the blog once Sarah arrives. I doubt I'll update before then, too much to do to get ready.

Oh and want to know the real kicker? The Geek Squad called the other day and bumped our January 21st TV repair appointment to Friday to help us out. Now? I have to cancel them unless I can find a friend to take pity on us and come sit in our house for the 4 hour window. You know what that means right? Yep.

"Our next available technician can be at your house on February 17, 2012."


Wish me luck!


Pigs said...

Yay! We can't wait to see pictures. Good luck! Happy birthing!

Kim said...

Hope all goes well--can't wait to see pics of your new little one. :)

Jenn said...

How exciting! We'll be praying for you and Baby Sarah, for a safe delivery and a quick recovery. Keep us posted!!!