Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Big 3-0

Yep. I am 30 weeks pregnant this week. I am not sure why, but it feels nice to be in my thirties when it comes to weeks pregnant. The end is finally in sight. Only 10 weeks to go if she is on time. It is truly my goal this time to go into labor at home so that I can wait as long as possible before heading to the hospital. We induced with Claire at 37 weeks for medical reasons. That was all fine and well, but a Pitocin induced labor was INTENSE and I want to try to avoid that this time.

We have chosen a name for our new little princess. She will be "Sarah Grace". Claire is finally able to point to my belly when we ask her where Sarah is. I am sure that will confuse her greatly when Sarah is out in the world and she still thinks she is in my belly. Oh well.

I will leave you with the most recent belly shot at 30 weeks plus a great profile of Little Miss Sarah. It's neat, but a little freaky. It almost looks like she is smiling.


momimi said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What great pictures of both of you! I'd like to be a fly on the wall when Claire decides she'd rather little Sarah get back into Mommy's belly. (There will be those moments...ha!)

Pigs said...

That's a great picture! How're those stones?

Aims said...

No stones thus far. Kidney still looks bad, but no pain and no stones. Who could ask for anything more, right?