Thursday, April 17, 2008


Has it seriously been 13 days since my last post? Good grief how time flies. The lack of posting is due mainly to my efforts in the bathroom. Er . . . remodeling it, not using it.

I mentioned the looming project awhile back. We have family coming in this weekend and that was just the prodding I needed to get moving on the work. It's been a long process, but is almost complete. I am going to wait to post update pictures until I have all the finishing touches in place (i.e. new shower curtian, light fixture, towel bars, etc) many of which are in "delivery mode" as we speak.

In the mean time, I will ramble on about one of my favorite things . . . . pajamas. Ahhhhh, sweet pajamas. So comfortable and cozy. If I could write an Ode to Pajamas, I would. My favorite thing at the end of a long day at work was when I could change out of my work clothes and into my pjs. Now? I stay at home, so I get to spend quite a bit of time in my pjs.

I will say, however, that pjs do have a time limit. There is a very fine line between "oh so comfortable" and "ick, I need to get a life". I get up first thing in the morning and do the whole shower-fix hair-put on make up-routine and then hop into a fresh pair of pajamas for my morning lounging leisure. Ahhhhhhh. Nothing beats coffee and pajamas. But by mid-morning? I really feel the need to change into regular clothes. Even if I don't plan on getting out that day. Not sure why, but I am guessing that pajamas have a magical quality that wears off over time. But take them off and they rejuvinate themselves. That's why when I change back into them at the end of the night, they feel all cozy again.

Maybe that's why we all look like something out of a horror movie when we first wake up in the morning. We used up all the pajama magic during the first few hours of sleep but couldn't change clothes when the "ick factor" set in because we were asleep.

Okay, ramble complete. I think I need to go change clothes now.


Kim said...

i love this entry! i totally agree with your pj theory. :)

David Cox said...

you are with weird...