Monday, March 12, 2007

Folically Challenged Child

I spent the weekend out of town at my very first baby shower. It was so much fun to see so many friends that I have missed tremendously since we moved to a new city.

I must say that showers are a blast! You get great food, time with friends and of course GIFTS! Who wouldn't love a party like that?

One gift that gets the "Made Me Laugh Out Loud" award came from my sister-in-law. She bought this onesie for the baby:

If you have trouble reading the print, it says, "Daddy does my hair". You might wonder why such a cute onesie would get such an award. Well, I present to you, the husband at a wee age:

Now that, friends, is one SWEET doo. We have often joked that our child stands no chance whatsoever of having normal hair. Between this awesome fro and my inability to grow any hair at all until age 2, I would say that this baby is going to most certainly have some issues in this department.


Pigs said...

What a hottie! No wonder he bagged the babe. Maybe your kid will get lucky and grow an eagle's tuft right in the middle and be a combination of you both?

Aims said...

I never considered the whole eagle's tuft idea. This just gets better and better!

AIMSMOM said...

That is HILARIOUS...but don't worry! Mimi will see that this baby has plenty of hair ornaments to offset the "shocking" static-electricity stylings in her genetic makeup.