Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Sarah!!

My precious baby girl turns 2 today. I don't know why, but that suddenly feels so big! And big she is. She has really blossomed since we moved to Alaska. It was like someone turned on a language switch and she was suddenly all a chatter. Granted most of it sounds like Swahili, but it is chatter nonetheless.

She has gone from silent nothings to being able to sing complete songs without assistance. Off the top of my head I can count 8 songs that this girl can belt out solo. She is a singer at heart for sure.

I love how she echoes everything we say. Often times we will find that she has wandered off to another room and when we want to find her we simply call out, "Sarah!" and we hear a sweet little voice echo, "Sarah!" from a distant part of the house. Target acquired!!

I love how lately Sarah will give a hearty belly laugh and follow it up by saying, "It's funny!" Oh my sweet girl. My heart fills to overflowing each and every time she runs up to me and says, "Hold you!!".

Sarah Grace filled a gap in our family that we didn't even know existed. She approaches everything in life with a passion that can only be described as reckless abandon. She is a joy. She is a pleasure. She is a precious gift from God. May she one day embrace her creator with that same reckless abandon.

We love you sweet girl!

Checking out her birthday present. Like the sweet nap hair?

Cooking up something yummy!

Give it a good stir.

Fun with balloons!


Well hey there good lookin'.

Birthday card from Mimi and Pops.

Hey Mom, this card SINGS!!!

Sarah is 21? Oh wait, Sarah is 2!

Anytime her mouth wasn't full of cake, she was singing "Happy Birthday to You!" over and over. 

Finger licking goodness!

Forget the fork. I'm going all in!


Hey sweetie, I think you missed a spot.


momimi said...

SWEET, SWEET Sarah Grace! These are great pictures! And I love the fabulous kitchen...looks like a room of applicances you'd win on the Price is Right! FUN!!!!!

fleur said...

Such a sweet, beautiful girl! I'm amazed at how much she and Claire look alike!