Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dog Sledding!

We finally ventured out and did something very Alaskan today. We bundled everyone up and headed out to the Tustumena 200. This is a local dog sled race. It's a race used to qualify teams for the Iditarod race coming up in the spring. It was really interesting to see all the dogs in action. They really love to race. It was crazy watching the handlers have to hold them back so that they wouldn't take off before it was time. Here are some pictures from the day.

I love how the dog in the background appears to have a smile as big as Claire's!

Sarah watching big sister bark at the dogs.

Sweet sister hugs.

Big sister tackle.

Pretty blue eyes!

Some sweet puppies.

Ready, set, GO!!!!!

Eating some snow on the race track.


Note: I'll have you know it took a great deal of strength to not title this blog, "Who Let The Dogs Out?". 


momimi said...

What a FANTASTIC adventure it is to be living in Alaska! I can't think about how far away you are...only how I wouldn't have had you miss this experience for the world!!!

fleur said...

Oh I LOVE the picture of the girls hugging!!