Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things to Do

I am giddy this week! Giddy I say!! Why? Glad you asked. Because as of this week, I now have two, count 'em TWO recurring things to do that don't involve a grocery store! Wahoo!!

First, one of the local churches holds a Tot Time. They open up their gym and fill it with bikes, balls and toys galore. All you do is show up and release your "tots" for a very active 2 hours of energy release. The second thing? Gymnastics for Claire. I finally found a place and signed her up. We go for our first session tomorrow. It will either be an awesome experience, or a day full of blog-worthy fodder. Either way, a win right?

I do realize how sad it is for me to be giddy over this, but people I am BORED! We are stuck in this condo with minimal toys and books and two girls who think the only way to play is with Mommy. I can portray a very believable Diego, but even that gets tiring for me. We hit the grocery store a few times a week just because it gets us out of the house but we all know how my children and grocery stores mix. Not. Pleasant.

Now I don't need to be crazy busy to be happy. The trick is to find at least one significant errand each day to get you out of the house and break up the monotony. But you have to be careful not to put too many errands in one day or you end up with children who have had no free play time and instead of cabin fever, they start to suffer from stuck-in-the-car-seat fever. Which is actually worse.

Sadly I haven't found a preschool here. The good ones are so expensive that I would have to sell my firstborn child just to afford the tuition. Of course, then I wouldn't need preschool, but I digress. The ones we can afford are, um . . . less than desirable. I'll leave it at that. So it is very possible that my kids will not have preschool for the time we are here. I am sad for them, a little. But I know I can supplement their preschool education and teach them what they need right here in our house. But the truth is that I am really, REALLY sad for me. I loved preschool days. I could get so much done with the kids tucked neatly away in their preschool classrooms. But I am trying not to focus on that too much. It is what it is and we are making the best of it. All this is to say that I am GIDDY to have a couple of things to do each week! Whoop!

On a totally random note, we were at Wal-Mart today and (as has become our custom) I let the girls play for a bit in the toy aisle. Is anyone else creeped out by those baby dolls that activate when you walk past them? Good gracious me those things are freaky. I walk by and hear cooing and gurgling coming from dolls that are bouncing  up and down in their cribs and everything in me wants to turn and run the other way. Shudder. 

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Tammy said...

Yes, they creep me out too! So, how much is tuition anyway??? Bummer. If I were in Alaska with you, I would say we could do a co-op sort of thing... you take one day to teach 'em, and I take another day. FREE! :) At least you would have one day to get stuff done. Do you have a friend that could do this with you? Just a thought. Love you and so glad I get to read your blog to still keep "knowing you" while we can't see each other!!