Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Fix

Well it's here folks. I am talking about the week of VBS. This is the week that I get my teaching fix for the year. It's the week where I can pour out all my creative juices in curriculum and room decor. It's the week where I get to exercise all the classroom management techniques I learned in 8 years in education before becoming a mom (although I must say that I've been known to whip out a few of those techniques on the home front.) I love this week because I get to be all teachery and by the time I am exhausted the week is over. It's a nice shot in the hip as it were.

It's also the week where I remember why I don't teach while having babies at home. Getting up super early and getting myself and my two girls ready and out the door by 8:00 is no easy task. Not to mention prepping all the items you'll need for the next day's lesson. The good news? No papers to grade when you get home and no parents to call! Whoot!

Today was room prep day. I spent the majority of the day up at the church with my partner preparing our room. The theme this year revolves around cowboys, barns, animals, etc, etc, etc. Here is a picture of our story corner.

 I was quite pleased with the way it came out. The bales of hay are made from empty diaper boxes that are covered in shredded construction paper. (We couldn't use real hay because of allergy issues.) It will be a ton of fun teaching a lesson while slapping stray hands away from the sheep and keeping rogue boys from attempting to climb the ladder (tongue planted firmly in cheek). Enjoy the look now, I am sure once the kids arrive, it will never be the same!


Christy said...

It looks very cute! We are having VBS this week as well. Our theme is Superheros and how we can be a hero when we obey God. The kids had a lot of fun today and David was the man for pulling the 68 videos together for the week! I can't wait for tomorrow.

Tammy said...

Holy cow!! So cute! How is it going? I am sure it will be a GREAT week and they will learn so much from Mrs. Evans!