Monday, July 21, 2008

Sympathy Phlegm

Do you ever get "sympathy phlegm"? I've had it all day today. Claire has a wicked rattle in her chest. She's not sick, just dealing with extra fluids as a result of her molars coming in. So it's the kind of phlegm that you know would go away with a good throat clearing or possibly a cough or two. But I have yet to figure out how to get a baby to cough on command. So instead I get to listen to her rattle away. Shudder.

I seriously find myself clearing my own throat to clear the phantom phlegm. It's kinda like when I'm talking to a stranger who has a big glob of food in the corner of their mouth. I can't help but to wipe the corner of my own mouth in the hopes that in some way, my wiping will eventually cause the glob to go away on its own.

I seriously need help.


momimi said...

I have no helpful suggestions, since I can't even watch anyone brush their teeth! (hock-hock!)

Tammy said...

This cracked me up because I do this all of the time! I find myself clearing my throat in hopes that Brayden will too!! Hmmm... doesn't work. So glad to know there is another one of you out there!